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Bird Blog:  April 10-30, 2005

Brown Pelican, 4/28/05, somewhere on the NC coast.  


Red-bellied Woodpecker, Durham, 4/26/05 Great Egret, Fort Fisher, New Hanover County, NC, 4/29/05. Rock Pigeon, Kure Beach Pier, New Hanover County, NC, 4/29/05 Another Rock Pigeon, same place, same time Brown Pelican near the fishermen on Kure Beach pier, apparently trying to swallow fish.  This amounted to a major struggle.  Brown Pelican portrait, same general location and time.

April 23

Yellow-rumped Warbler, Durham.  What a surprise to see this bird in its summer plumage!  YRWs aren't even supposed to be around here this time of year. Yellow-rumped Warbler: Same bird Pine Warbler, at rear birdfeeder White-breasted Nuthatch, rear birdfeeder

April 21 & 22

American Robin, Durham, 4/21/05 Red-bellied Woodpecker, Durham, 4/21/05 Male Downy Woodpecker, at the front birdfeeder, 4/21/05 Male Northern Cardinal, Occoneechee Mountain, Orange County, NC, 4/22/05

April 19 & 20

White-throated Sparrow, Durham, 4/19/05 Same bird Tufted Titmouse, Durham, 4/20/05 Chipping Sparrow, visiting birdfeeder, 4/20/05 Same bird

April 15

Singing Tufted Titmouse, Durham

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