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March 2008

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Duke Gardens, Durham, NC  3/28/08

Five-lined Skink Cloudless Sulphur Carpenter Bee  


Mystery exotic duck Mystery exotic duck Male Mallard. It's interesting how the lack of reflective light leaves the Mallard's head mostly black, while the one feather is quite purple.  

Durham, NC  3/27/08

Pselliopus cinctus (a kind of assassin bug), was in flight and landed just before I took this picture. Orange Sulphur

Durham, NC  3/25/08

A somewhat faded Cabbage White  

Myrtle Beach (drainage ditch), Horry County, SC  3/19/08

Double-crested Cormorant  

Myrtle Beach State Park, Horry County, SC  3/19/08

Hermit Thrush, in maritime forest Rock Dove, on pier      

Huntington Beach State Park, Georgetown County, SC  3/18/08


American Alligator        


American Alligator American Alligator


Double-crested Cormorant Adult (background) and young Double-crested Cormorants Greater Yellowlegs Great Egret.  Not sure what the stick-like projection from the tail is, but it kept this bird from flying. Mute Swans Yellow-rumped Warbler

Myrtle Beach, Horry County, SC  3/17/08

Killdeer, seen near a swamp Bonaparte's Gull, in non-breeding plumage      

Farrington Point, Chatham County, NC   3/16/08

Common Buckeye Mourning Cloak Dance Fly Mystery cocoon  
Bowl and Doily Spider  

Johnston Mill Nature Preserve, Orange County, NC  3/14/08

Worker termite Soldier termite      


Plasterer Bees (Colletes thoracicus), Johnston Mill Nature Preserve, Orange County, NC, 3/14/08. 


Katydid nymph (antennae were truncated)  

Penny's Bend Nature Preserve, Durham County, NC  3/13/08

American Snout This mystery spider had very effective camouflage: only movement (very rapid!) gave it away.  What's interesting, though, is that its pattern isn't that close a match to this tree bark (it's green-brown rather than pure brown), but its markings do the job by looking like shadows. These are probably beetle larvae.  Note that they don't have legs.    

Eno River State Park, Old Cole Mill Road access, Durham & Orange Counties 3/6/08

Bowl and Doily Spider Another Bowl and Doily Spider with different coloring.  Eastern Comma, photo taken by Karl D. Gottschalk.  To distinguish Eastern Commas from Question Marks, see the Anglewings Page Perhaps a midge, found on a Trout Lily petal.  

Mason Farm Biological Reserve, Orange County, NC  3/2/08

Small Milkweed Bug Red-eared Slider.  Photo taken by Karl D. Gottschalk. 

Copyright © 2008 by Dorothy Pugh

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