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Gulfport, Harrison County, MS

Gulfport, Harrison County, MS  10/16/17

Great Blue Heron Horseshoe crab Killdeer Same Killdeer Marbled Godwit


Marbled Godwit Semi-palmated Plover Same Semi-palmated Plover    

Gulfport, Harrison County, MS  10/15/17

Ruddy Turnstone Marbled Godwits and other birds, maybe Willets Juvie Brown Pelican Dog  


Black Skimmers        

Gulfport, Harrison County, MS  10/14/17

Common Buckeye Gulf Fritillary Same Gulf Fritillary Lilies Little Yellow


Long-tailed Skipper        

Gulfport, Harrison County, MS  10/13/17

Semi-palmated Plover Ruddy Turnstone Marbled Godwit Lobster/crayfish skeleton?  


Great Blue Heron Great Blue Heron Black Skimmers    

Gulfport, Harrison County, MS  10/12/17

American Snout (at the beach) Drooping Autumn Crocus Black Skimmer Black Skimmer Common Starlings


Black Skimmers and gulls in the process of moving to a new spot on the beach Mostly Black Skimmers Black Skimmers and gulls    


Cloudless Sulphur on a Turk's Cap Great Blue Heron and gulls Gulf Fritillary Another Gulf Fritillary on a Turk's Cap Gulf Fritillary


Long-tailed Skipper (Urbanus proteus) Gulls and Marbled Godwit Plover? Semi-palmated Plover  


Snowy Egret flushing out at least four and maybe six fish Same Snowy Egret flushing out three fish Flying terns    


Terns, Black Skimmer, gulls and a a large bird that looks like a Black Skimmer/gull hybrid Terns and a few Black Skimmers moving      


Verbena on grass median White Winged Dove

Gulfport, Harrison County, MS  10/11/17

Huge cargo ship headed for the port Scarlet-bodied Wasp Moth (Cosmosoma myrodora), which had flown inside Gulf Fritillary on a Firewheel flower Gulf Fritillary on asters Gulf Fritillary on another Firewheel


White Pelicans, which never returned after this evening        

Gulfport, Harrison County, MS  10/18/15

Common Buckeye Willet Mole cricket nymph, rescued from street    

Jones Park, Gulfport, Harrison County, MS  10/18/15

Killdeer Diving Forster's Tern Ruddy Turnstone Gulf Fritillary Forster's Tern

Gulfport, Harrison County, MS  10/17/15

Sunrise Blue Jay      

Jones Park, Gulfport, Harrison County, MS 10/16/15

The marina, with a lighthouse with ladder access        

Gulfport, Harrison County, MS  10/15/15

Black Skimmers Black Skimmers on a sand bar Hermit crab Sanderling  


Royal Terns, a Black Skimmer and a gull Some local color Felix at the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center Post-mating Common Green Darner pair  

Gulfport, Harrison County, MS  10/15/15

Sunset Forster's Terns Gull Black Skimmer  


Variegated Meadowhawk Black Skimmers and Bonaparte's Gulls against Biloxi backdrop Black Skimmers flying over the ocean Black Skimmers disturbed on the beach: a man with a dog walked through the middle of them. Black Skimmers resting on the beach

False Garlic Great Blue Heron Ribbons Little Yellow Verbena

Durham, NC  10/14/15


Black Skimmer in flight, with unequal upper and lower bill sizes clearly visible Black Skimmers, Royal Terns and gulls Black Skimmers and other birds    

Black Skimmer in flight, with tail feathers clearly visible Big bird footprint, with large feather for size comparison Maybe the bird that made the big footprint.  Definitely not a Great Blue Heron.    


Dainty Sulphur (Nathalis iole)        


Black Skimmer flying over gulls Black Skimmer doing "skimming," i.e., scooping prey from the water with its lower beak Skimming by another Black Skimmer Semipalmated Plover      
Black Skimmers in flight Gulfport sunset Group of Black Skimmers flying    


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